Pressure Cooker Nurungji Baeksuk (Boiled Chicken with Rice)

Instant Pot Nurungji Baeksuk (Boiled Chicken with Rice

This pressure cooker chicken has become one of my favorite ways to cook and enjoy chicken! It takes no effort yet yields a tender, moist chicken as well as sweet, creamy rice porridge. If you like chicken and Korean porridge (juk, 죽), you’ll love this recipe!

Baeksuk (백숙) is a Korean boiled chicken soup that’s similar to samgyetang (삼계탕, ginseng chicken soup), and often cooked in a pressure cooker in Korean homes. It’s traditionally made with a whole chicken, garlic and scallion without any seasonings and served with a salt and pepper mix for dipping and seasoning at the table.

When rice is added to baeksuk and cooked until the rice at the bottom is scorched, but the rest of the rice is velvety soft porridge, it’s called nurungji baeksuk (누룽지 백숙). Nurungji is scorched or slightly burnt rice that’s enjoyed by Koreans for its nuttiness. 

If you omit the sweet rice from this recipe, it’s simply baeksuk, which gives you a soup instead.

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